Wood Composite

The incredible durability of modern hi-tech composite material has revolutionised balcony design.

Why Choose Wood Composite?

Whilst polystyrene balconies have given us over 10 years of an alternative product to timber the market is always changing bringing along new and innovative products. By staying abreast of research, particularly on UPVC, we are aware of all the drawbacks in relation to the effects of using UPVC on the environment.

We firmly believe in our products being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible and UPVC does not offer this.

Our Partnership

Arrad Foot Balconies is proud to work in conjunction with Havwoods International, a renowned leader in the flooring industry, both technologically and aesthetically.

Revolutionary Balcony Design

The incredible durability of modern hi-tech composite material has revolutionised balcony design.

Made from recycled sources the product is remarkably close in its appearance to natural wood, yet it is ultra-tough, long-lasting, and virtually maintenance-free.

Though the product is essentially maintenance-free, we would recommend occasionally washing down your decking with soapy water particularly in late Autumn when the acid from fallen leaves can mark the finish.

The high-quality material is made of 50% bamboo fibre or 50% wood flour and 50% high-grade polyethene’s, resin, colour and UV additives.

The material is ground up to fine dust, then whilst at a very high temperature it is passed through a profile to the shape required and carefully cooled.

Eco-Friendly & Low Maintenance

The product is both eco-friendly and can be cut and worked with like natural timber but with all the advantages of no staining, no warps or splitting, years of low maintenance, UV stabilised and the best part is, it looks and feels like natural timber without the hassle and maintenance and is virtually slip-free when wet.

Whilst wood composites are relatively new to the UK, they have been well proven and tested for many years in countries such as Germany and the USA.

Our Endura product was tested in Scandinavia for 5 years where temperatures are extreme at -20oC in winter and above 400c in summer.

We are the only UK company that supplies the Endura range belonging to Havwoods which is a reputable global company and believes in its products so much it backs them all up with a guarantee.

The framework used for our decking systems is vacuum pressure treated red tanalised timber from Mike England Timber which sustains the longevity of the wood and is far superior to standard whitewood.

Why Use Wood Composite?

Non Biodegradable

UPVC is oil based and not biodegradable which impacts negatively on landfills like some other styrene products.

Poor Quality

UPVC will always look and feel like plastic and cannot compare to a traditional craftsman-built product.

Price Impacts

The darker colours cannot be UPVC stabilised, so foil wrapping is the only alternative which impacts on price.

Increased Costs

The cost of oil controls the price of all plastics, which affects the cost of UPVC balconies, making them more expensive

Squeaky Material

Unlike wood composite decking, UPVC will always squeak due to the nature of its material make-up.

Environmentally Unfriendly

As a country, we are trying to move away from environmentally unfriendly plastic products to support a better future.

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